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Our Solution

A Community Where Vets Thrive

ThriveLA isn't a housing project. It's a life with purpose.

It takes more than a roof over your head to make life worth living. That's why our solution is unlike any other: we go beyond housing to address the root causes of homelessness.

ThriveLA has developed the first blueprint for a truly self-reliant community — one that lets our members provide for themselves, support their friends, and make a positive impact.

Every element of our blueprint has proven effective in other settings. By bringing together these great ideas, we'll also bring together veterans who need a community to call home.


Abundant farmland in northern LA.

One of the big problems with previous housing projects in Los Angeles is the city itself. Specifically, the fact that land in urban LA is incredibly expensive.

We overcome this problem by building our communities in the Antelope Valley — a vast expanse of agricultural land in northern LA County.

Compared to the big city, property in the Antelope Valley is about 100 times cheaper per square foot. It lets ThriveLA scale up our solution without limits.


Farming jobs that build self-reliance.

Most people don't want charity — they want the chance to feel useful. Veterans, in particular, are especially motivated by the desire to serve others.

ThriveLA allows our community members to do just that. We provide expert job training that's proven to help veterans transition to agricultural work.

Farming jobs have amazing restorative power. They enable veterans to earn an income, grow their own food, and make a positive impact on the planet.

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Ultra-affordable tiny homes.

On average, Angelenos spend 47% of their income on housing — the highest percentage in the nation. And if you can't afford it, you're simply out of luck.

Our community members, meanwhile, will pay less than $300 a month.

ThriveLA is able to offer ultra-affordable housing by building small. Our tiny homes are modern, comfortable, and luxurious, without breaking the bank. For the thousands of Angelenos without shelter, they are a miracle.



A place where veterans belong.

Human beings are social creatures. Unfortunately, many unhoused veterans don't have the support system they need to feel hopeful about the future.

Our focus at ThriveLA is to engineer a place where veterans belong — because belonging is highly correlated with happiness, health, and productivity. 

To foster a sense of community, our members will live in a circular layout, take classes on interpersonal skills, and make important decisions as a group.

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We know how to coexist with nature.

Sustainability isn't a buzzword for ThriveLA. It's the heart of our solution.

When we make unsustainable choices, the result is high energy bills, overcrowded cities, water shortages, and endless parking lots.

We carefully designed every element of our community to coexist with nature: Permaculture. Hydroponics. Tiny homes. Renewable energy. Natural cooling. Shared vehicles. Local food. Everything.

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