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(1) Thriving Homes.  The homes, constructed from upcycled shipping containers, are:

  • Ultra-affordable – total cost of $19,500 (less than $100 per month with financing) even without vouchers or subsidies

  • Easy to build – conversion can be done in a single week

  • Portable – they are easily transported and can be deployed anywhere almost immediately

  • Stylish – airy (lots of windows) and comfortable, incorporating innovative space-saving elements

  • Real homes – though just 160 square feet, complete with all necessities, including a fully-functional kitchen and bathroom/shower

  • Safe – made of steel, they are reportedly the safest place to be in an earthquake



(2) Thriving Communities.   The communities provide:

  • Jobs – each resident will be able to contribute a service to the community, and receive services from others

  • Meals -- shared kitchen with nutritious meals made and served daily by other community members

  • Belonging and purpose – a social network of peers who help one another

  • Health and wellness – gym, recreation center, supportive services

  • Education and job training – computers, classes, job resources, on-the-job training



(3) Thriving Models of Sustainability.  The homes and communities:

  • Create their own power using solar panels

  • Have tiny energy needs thanks to their small size, passive heating and cooling, and energy-saving appliances

  • Have tiny water needs thanks to their small size and water-conserving appliances

  • Repurpose abundantly available empty shipping containers, avoiding need to chop down trees

  • Grow their own food using vertical gardens


ThriveLA's Tiny House Communities Have Three Key Elements:

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