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ThriveLA's mission is to create a nationwide blueprint for an ultra-affordable, self-sufficient, and sustainable housing community for veterans who need housing and employment.


 ThriveLA is a project conceived by E Pluribus University, a Los Angeles-based non-profit organization founded in 2013. The mission of Pluribus is to create new collaborative ways of addressing significant global problems.


The task of providing affordable housing in Los Angeles is no easy feat.  With the largest population of veterans in the nation, of which 10% are experiencing homelessness, and the  second highest cost of living in the country, the amount of financial and human resources required is monumental.


Historically, traditional approaches to making a solution “fit the problem” has not been effective.  Many times it can be more costly and inefficient to retrofit an existing structure than to build something new from the ground up. 


At ThriveLA, we believe that the problem requires a solution built from the ground up. By using unconventional, innovative, sustainable, and forward-thinking practices to create an entirely new ecosystem that is able to thrive both individually as well as a community. This is how ThriveLA was born; "ThriveLA" stands for "Tiny Houses, Respect, Integration = Veterans Excel in Los Angeles" and we hope to expand our model to one day house all low-income individuals interested in our ThriveLA communities. 

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