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We are a pioneering nonprofit project creating new options for homes, jobs, and community in LA's Antelope Valley

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Los Angeles is the most unaffordable large city in the United States. It also has the second largest homeless population in the country.



Subsidizing housing is a well-intentioned approach, but can have unintended consequences such as causing rents to increase. There are two key ways to drive down the cost of housing without taxpayer funding: (1) use inexpensive rural land not expensive city land, and (2) build smaller. By including onsite jobs as part of our solution, along with smart sustainable infrastructure to allow our communities to be self-sufficient like ships, using rural land becomes feasible. 


ThriveLA's tiny house communities are designed to be models of sustainability—built with our natural setting in mind so that our footprint on the earth is as small as possible. We are partnering with organizations like LA Urban Farms to provide sustainable food, produce alternative energy, and use the least amount of water possible. By leveraging the latest technology, we are designing a safe and sustainable environment.


ThriveLA's community model is designed to provide programming, training, and jobs on-site that teach members how to live together in a supportive environment. We are focusing on serving veterans as they served our country and we must honor their sacrifice by providing them with the basicsa roof over their head, sustainable food, and a rewarding job.

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