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Our Heroes Need Your Help

Give unhoused veterans the chance to serve in a thriving community.

We build communities where veterans live the American Dream.

ThriveLA is a nonprofit that empowers homeless veterans to provide for themselves — right here in Los Angeles. 

LA is the least affordable city in the United States, which is why 75,000 of our neighbors don't have a home.

Our innovative farm communities are the solution. We're giving veterans houses, jobs, and the skills they need to be self-reliant.

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We know one thing for sure:
We have to do something different.

Los Angeles has spent billions of dollars to address homelessness. And yet, year after year, the problem only gets worse.

Why isn't the money working? One reason is that housing in urban LA is extremely expensive. It can cost more than $800,000 to build conventional, public housing for a single person, which means that government money can't match the size of the problem. 

Most importantly, people need more than shelter to thrive. A true solution to homelessness must provide not just houses, but also jobs, support services, and a community to call home.

In 2023, more people sleep on the streets of LA than ever before. This is an emergency.

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We let vets pay their own way.

To solve the housing crisis, we don't need charity. We need a sustainable lifestyle that people can actually afford.

That's what we've developed at ThriveLA. Our communities are a new option for veterans, who earn income from empowering farming jobs to pay their entire cost of living.

We carefully engineered every aspect of these communities based on years of research and collaboration with experts. The result? Our veterans get the dignity they deserve.


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We use your donation to build a new community for homeless vets

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We love to join forces with organizations that share our vision

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We rely on talented volunteers to bring our big ideas to life

Welcome to the movement.

The truth is, ThriveLA can't solve the housing crisis in Los Angeles. At least, not by ourselves.

But we're not alone. All around us, we see a growing army of grassroots organizations and wonderful people like you, creating new solutions by combining their great ideas.

Together, Team Thrive will make ultra-affordable housing an option for every single person, in LA and beyond. If you believe in that mission, you're now a part of our story.

Welcome to Team Thrive!

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