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Angelenos spend an average of 47% of their income on rent—the highest percentage in the nation. ThriveLA's goal is for community residents to pay just $240/month.


At the heart of our solution is a simple idea: Housing can be affordable if the inputs are affordable.  One key input is land.  Land in the Antelope Valley costs less than 1% of what land costs in the City of Los Angeles.  Another key input is materials.  By building smaller ("tiny house" small), and using factory built construction to reduce waste, material costs can be drastically reduced.   

Living "tiny" has multiple benefits:

  • Ultra-affordable – $240 per month so that even someone working half-time for minimum wage isn't rent-burdened nor reliant on government subsidies.

  • Easy to build – efficient construction using 1/10th the building materials saves time, money, and the environment.

  • Stylish – airy and comfortable, incorporating innovative space-saving elements that include a fully-functional kitchen and bathroom/shower

  • Safe – earthquake safe, fire-resistant construction that exceeds building codes

Living tiny allows residents to accumulate savings, provides peace of mind, and eliminates the stress of living paycheck-to-paycheck.

ThriveLA is currently exploring different types of housing. Below are some examples of tiny homes that ThriveLA is considering for our pilot community LA County.


An example of the interior of a 20 ft. tiny home with a full kitchen, comfortable bedroom area, functional storage areas, an electric panel and widely-incorporated natural lighting.

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